Thursday, December 9, 2010

Architectural Digest

Oh look, a new strip featuring the captivating Aunt Iris/Trey the Architect storyline. Looks like I lose the game of Hot Potato that Maggie, Casey and I are playing.

The look on Iris's face in the last panel says to me that she suspects Trey will try to make her sluggish and groggy with a heavy, decadent lunch and then take her to the abandoned lot where her beloved Uncle Henry's building once stood and choke her with a yellow ascot. It's like she JUST realized she's not supposed to go places with strangers. What a terrible vagabond! She should be relishing the spontaneity.


Gerard said...

Oh, I don't know. Iris has been around the block, which is surely how she lost all but one of the wheels on her suitcase. Besides, she runs across (but not into) a cyclist, and she decides to look him up, bonsai in hand. My money says she wants to give fate a hand.

Maggie said...

Yup, I'd say any guy willing to buy you lunch so he can hear more fascinating tales about your Uncle just biding his time until he finds a quiet place to strangle you. Iris probably knows that too, which explains the look. Her Strangler-dar just kicked in.

Gerard said...

Maggie, there's another way to interpret "If you're game." I defer to Monty Python. "Your wife, is she game, eh? I bet she is, I bet she is, nudge nudge, say no more."