Saturday, September 29, 2012

There's the Rub

Never fear loyal readers, I've returned!  I took a little vacation, and Maggie and Casey did a hilarious job covering for me while I was gone. 

Only Margo would allow her male subordinate to give her an inappropriate office neck rub on like day three of her new business.  I guess she didn't screen a harrassment awareness video.

Lu Ann's going to be so mad when she finds out that Greg's errands include just barging into Margo's office as if he owns the place.  Poor Lu Ann, she should never have violated the strict hair color rules for potential love interests.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Neck Rub!

Wow. These have been like the two sexiest back-to-back strips in the history of Apartment 3-G. I was initially disappointed that I didn't get a Lu Ann bathtub strip to comment on, but I struck gold with a Margo neck rub strip instead.

I think we all know where this is going. Neck rub -> back rub -> stealth move to 2nd base -> "Whoops, sorry about that..." -> slap across the face -> passionate make out -> old lady walking in on them and getting all scandalized -> Margo insisting they "never speak of this again" -> Evan going home and being all mopey and eating ice cream out of the carton while his aunt scowls in the background

Actually I don't think that'll happen, Evan's not the type for passionate make outs. He's more like... Tommie's type. I mean, who else would be like, "Hey Margo, I had a great day, is it okay for me to talk about it?" Tommie, that's who.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Turning Heads

So now we've learned that whenever Lu Ann is really into a guy, she takes a bath. An oddly suggestive bath. I guess there was a demand for more Lu Ann bath time strips....

Meanwhile, Lu Ann graciously deems Greg "not an egotistic jerk" while indulging her own ego in the knowledge that she took a walk around New York with the cutest guy who looks like everyone else around! It's always refreshing to see Lu Ann in a good relationship with a guy who isn't a complete jerk and turns heads. You go, girl. (Until Margo finds out and crushes you.)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

He's Just Not That Into Lu Ann

Oh. Man. Lu Ann's offer of private canoodling just got straight up rejected and she stills asks for a smooch! I know Lu Ann is going for "brazen," but she's coming off "desperate."

We've all been this girl before, right? The guy is all being polite and making up errands he has to do to instead of hanging out, and the girl is just like, oookay, but I know you super duper want to hang out with me later! I'll make my world-famous brownies! We can talk about our future--I mean not our future together necessarily, unless you want that?? I mean, whatever! I'll bring brownies. And vodka! We can tell each other secrets and--no I know, you have errands, but next time. You have my number, right?? Let me just give it to you really quick. No come on, real quick, let's exchange numbers. Come on! Brownies! COME ON!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Your City

What part of town are you in now, guys? Chelsea? Chinatown? Little Korea? Did you see the Chrysler Building? The High Line? Broadway? Birdland? Macy's? Spanish Harlem? OR did you just troll around the same 10 blocks of brick walk-ups that you always do? It's not your fault. You're just drawn that way.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thick Skin

It's good to know that when Aunt Cathy berates Evan, it's because she cares, not because she resents him.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Next Bond Girl

My God!! Could Skyler be the next Jane Seymour?? That would be her greatest adventure yet! No, but seriously, Aunt Cathy is great. I can only hope that tomorrow she busts out the ol' "You are the weakest link, goodbye!" She totally seems like she could, right? I mean, I know that reference is like ten years old now, but I feel like it's primed for a comeback.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

You Disappoint Me

Well, nevermind what we said yesterday about Mr. Bolle's subtle characterization of Evan, because today he looks less like a sinister Dick Van Dyke and more like an icky elf. But whatever, we all know we're in it for Aunt Cathy anyway!

So, what's the Evan/A.C. storyline going to be? He's a hopeless rube being duped by Hollywood hopefuls, and she's his... extremely disappointed aunt? Actually, I'd be fine with that. Like, once a month we check in with them and Evan's all "I just signed on to represent Lady Gaga! At least she said she was Lady Gaga..." or "I found this beautiful golden retriever that I'm sure is Air Bud, I'm going to buy him some glamour shots!" and Aunt Cathy just face palms and shuffles over towards the liquor cabinet.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blow Up

FIRST OF ALL, I'd like to give a rare but sincere kudos to Mr. Frank Bolle. We give him a hard time because he makes all the guys in the strip look exactly alike, but Evan definitely breaks that pattern. With his strange narrow face, long nose, and crooked smile, he looks straight-up creepy. It's lending some genuine pathos to this scene, guys! Because on top of the delightful return of nasty ol Aunt Cathy, we're also witness to the unveiling of Evan's psychotic scheme: to EXPLODE GREG COOPER. Neat!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Love Triangle

Poor Margo. While she's catching up with the elementary school crowd on how boys who tease you might really like you, Greg is pushing Lu Ann's buttons all the way to Battery Park.

Meanwhile, Tommie is.... well, shoe shopping is fun, right?

Monday, September 17, 2012

New Shoes

Margo? Not approve of something? Surely you jest. Still, I wonder what it could be! Is she going to give Greg another tour of New York or manually edit her fraud birth certificate or go huff paint fumes at the gallery or what? I hope she's going to have a couple mimosas and call up Paul Linski, cause I GUARANTEE that guy is married by now.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gorgeous Day

Well, it looks like Lu Ann and Tommie might have a morning buzz going on, which could explain the random singing, being happy for no reason, and Tommie's whole "I love you, man" attitude. Too many mimosas with their morning Special K? It's fine for Lu Ann, since she's a lady of leisure as we all know, but should Tommie be delivering babies under the influence?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Falling into Place

Finally, everything's going Tommie's way! She's got one successful baby birthing under her belt, her music career crashed and burned, she managed to spurn another guy into giving up on her, and hey! the Professor's back! So... can we get back to Lu Ann now?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pushes All My Buttons

Welp, this is shaping up like a typical Margo romance. In fact, I kind of recall Margo using the "button-pushing" metaphor with her old flame, Eric Mills. Remember Eric? He was buried alive in an avalanche in Tibet. Now THAT'S when things were happening!

The "ridiculously good looks" comment though... I mean, come on Margo. He looks like everyone else. Maybe if he had a mustache, or an earring, or funny eyebrows, or ANYTHING that vaguely distinguished him from everyone else, I could agree, but even his unruly bangs were tamed within days of appearing on-panel. I mean, jeez, at least Trey had a scarf.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Margo Rises

Wow, does Greg just repel women? The girls always seem to be cooking up excuses to get away from him. And look at Margo in the second panel, she's getting ready to pimp slap the guy! Either that or she's got heartburn. Could go either way.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lady of Leisure

Oh Margo. If you're ready for a vacation five days into your new business venture, you might be in trouble. Meanwhile, the A3G Rule of Three breaks down in the second panel! Of course, to accommodate it, Margo had to get her own table in the background. Which I bet she's fine with.

Monday, September 10, 2012

An Actual Job

I like that Margo throws her "actual job" in everyone's face, attempting to belittle her one actual client, even though she hasn't done any work yet. Can't wait to see her whip up some publicity. And make sure it's exciting, too!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Secret Greeks

OK, now I'm confused as to where this storyline is going.  How does all this Greek ancestry play into Margo making Greg a star?  At least for the Greek storyline, Maggie can provide unique insight, as she will soon be Greek by marriage.  Why does Margo look so worried in the last panel?  Does all this talk of Greece get her Irish up?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Greek Mama

First I thought Greg was macking on Margo. Then I thought he was all excited about Lu Ann. Now, with one of the most whiplash-inducing swivels I've seen in years, we see what Greg truly desires: a Greek mama. "Your WHAT mama? Is she coming? Will she be at the table?? There's always room for one more!" Except, of course, there isn't.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lunch Time!

Of course, since Margo never actually denied that he was her boyfriend, the Professor is going to invite him to lunch anyway. Which Margo seems pretty OK with, all things considered. She's probably excited to expense her first lunch on the company dime, but if she wants to have the money to pay for it, maybe she could take the opportunity to discuss business with Greg, since it appears to be midday and all she's done is flirt with her supposed client.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rule of Three

The Professor is back, the Professor is back!! I guess after the whole "Bobbie Incident," he decided to cool his heels off-panel for a couple... years. Anyway. Kudos for him for getting back in the mix and immediately acting like an embarrassing old grandpa. "You're talking to a man, so you must be dating him. Correct? Margo, you're making direct eye contact with Greg! That's an overture for witchcraft! Avert ye eyes, woman."

According to the A3G Rule of Three, only three characters can occupy a strip at the same time. Lu Ann awkwardly crawled out the window and is waiting on the fire escape, hoping Greg will just go away. No one has heard about South Dakota yet!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Friday, August 31st

In addition to his inappropriate grabbing, he's also got his gorgeous chisled nose in everybody's business!  What a dream boat! It's amazing that Margo still has her clothes on...nothing like falling for a client on the first day of your new, expensive-to-start-up business. 

Saturday, September 1st

Am I crazy or did Greg just imply that Lu Ann and Margo are lesbian lovers? Not that that is a ridiculous assumption after living together for decades, but we all know that in the A3G world a yellow hair and a black hair cannot be together! Also, he made a Seinfeld joke! I hope Frank wrote that royalty check to Jerry...

Monday, September 3rd

Surprise! It's Tommie! Remember her? Did Greg just teleport out of the office? How did he get past Lu Ann in the door? Or is he just lurking in the shadows awaiting his next appointment with Margo...

Tuesday, September 4th

It's the Professor!! When was the last time when saw him? I'm so glad it's not Tommie, I hope she's working doubles in the maternity ward for the forseeable future. I wonder what this crazy academic has been up to?