Monday, September 17, 2012

New Shoes

Margo? Not approve of something? Surely you jest. Still, I wonder what it could be! Is she going to give Greg another tour of New York or manually edit her fraud birth certificate or go huff paint fumes at the gallery or what? I hope she's going to have a couple mimosas and call up Paul Linski, cause I GUARANTEE that guy is married by now.


Anonymous said...

I love shoes too! Going barefoot on the streets of New York City would hurt my toesies.

Mike said...

I also think Paul Linski would be married by now, but I'm pretty sure Margo would approve of Lu Ann drunk dialing him anyway -- though Lu Ann obviously doesn't realize that how cruel Margo is.

Ken said...

Why isn't Lu Ann startled by the stranger pointing at her in the first panel?

When does Frank transition to stick figures? It works for Jim's Journal.

Margo wouldn't approve that I've gone from a Lady of Leisure to a Lady of the Night.