Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lady of Leisure

Oh Margo. If you're ready for a vacation five days into your new business venture, you might be in trouble. Meanwhile, the A3G Rule of Three breaks down in the second panel! Of course, to accommodate it, Margo had to get her own table in the background. Which I bet she's fine with.


Ken said...

I was willing to accept that Mr. Cooper changed into his lunch jacket, but now Lu Ann changed her dress? Both Margo and Ari have the same clothes on. I understand that it is a new week in the real world, but in the A3G-verse, they left Margo's office and went to lunch.

Margo must be on the way back from the kitchen after yelling at the chef. Maybe Frank could make everyone smaller? Perspective?

Won't anyone think of the children?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Rule of Three was broken down by the same gravitational singularity that so dramatically rearranged where everyone is sitting relative to each other between panels. Since it was powerful enough to push Lu Ann to the opposite side of the panel and Margo from a position further forward than Ari to one further behind, it could easily be powerful enough to drag a fourth person into the panel.

I like Lu Ann's new dress better than her old one. It makes her look less like a refugee from Warren Jeff's polygamous compound.

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