Thursday, September 20, 2012

You Disappoint Me

Well, nevermind what we said yesterday about Mr. Bolle's subtle characterization of Evan, because today he looks less like a sinister Dick Van Dyke and more like an icky elf. But whatever, we all know we're in it for Aunt Cathy anyway!

So, what's the Evan/A.C. storyline going to be? He's a hopeless rube being duped by Hollywood hopefuls, and she's his... extremely disappointed aunt? Actually, I'd be fine with that. Like, once a month we check in with them and Evan's all "I just signed on to represent Lady Gaga! At least she said she was Lady Gaga..." or "I found this beautiful golden retriever that I'm sure is Air Bud, I'm going to buy him some glamour shots!" and Aunt Cathy just face palms and shuffles over towards the liquor cabinet.


Ken said...

1) Aunt Cathy is going to steal Margo' s clients.
2) Aunt Cathy was wronged by Margo and this is a revenge plot.
3) Evan and Aunt Cathy are going to sell celebrity secrets to the tabloids.
4) Evan is just a creepy dude with a weird relationship with his Aunt and she just likes belittling him.
5) There's a big buildup but the resolution happens off-panel.

I'm guessing #5.

Maggie said...

4 quickly followed by 5 is most likely, but i live the idea of 3, particularly if they're British. Hey, it could happen! Just let me dream...