Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Friday, August 31st

In addition to his inappropriate grabbing, he's also got his gorgeous chisled nose in everybody's business!  What a dream boat! It's amazing that Margo still has her clothes on...nothing like falling for a client on the first day of your new, expensive-to-start-up business. 

Saturday, September 1st

Am I crazy or did Greg just imply that Lu Ann and Margo are lesbian lovers? Not that that is a ridiculous assumption after living together for decades, but we all know that in the A3G world a yellow hair and a black hair cannot be together! Also, he made a Seinfeld joke! I hope Frank wrote that royalty check to Jerry...

Monday, September 3rd

Surprise! It's Tommie! Remember her? Did Greg just teleport out of the office? How did he get past Lu Ann in the door? Or is he just lurking in the shadows awaiting his next appointment with Margo...

Tuesday, September 4th

It's the Professor!! When was the last time when saw him? I'm so glad it's not Tommie, I hope she's working doubles in the maternity ward for the forseeable future. I wonder what this crazy academic has been up to?


Jeff said...

To be fair, Margaret Shulock writes the lines. Frank is just the one who draws the same man and the same woman with different hair.

Ken said...

Greg seems like an arrogant bully that doesn't pick up on social clues. Who does Greg end up dating? Lu Ann, Tommie, Ruby, or the Professor? Gasp! It'll be at least 3 months until we get through this storyline. I wonder if Tommie is spinning anymore babies.

To be fair, that office is getting crowded and Frank lost track of who is still present until they have a line.

Maggie said...

Oh my gosh! I missed so much. Greg is my new favorite character because he's progressive enough to even hint that homosexuality exists, AND to make a rad Seinfeld joke about it. Kudos, Margaret Shulock! Also, kudos for bring back Prof Ari, since he's the one guy I can distinguish from all the others.