Monday, July 28, 2014

Big Wheel

The first panel gives you hope that maybe, somehow, we've managed to dodge a few more weeks of mind-numbing flashbackless exposition, but nope! Tommie is back in her traditional pink turtleneck, and she's hungry for more stories, dammit. Unless the promise Tommie refers to is not "you tell me your story and I'll tell you mine" but "Monday is Ladies' Night at El Cervatillo Loco! From 4:00 until closing, half price margaritas and appetizers including our microwavable nachos famoso."

The only good thing about today is the nickname "Big Wheel," which I have to say I find completely charming.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Story Time

Maybe if you are drinking a lot of margaritas, Tommie's life story will seem incredibly interesting.  Or at least you'll pass out before she reaches the handsome British fiance/plane crash/brought an orphan fawn to a Manattan apartment period.

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Tommie Meme You've Been Waiting For

I've always wanted a chance to try out the website Finally, Tommie and her glare of suspicion—betraying both a brain hard at work and a total lack of comprehension—has given me a reason. Behold, the Tommie meme! Available for your own captioning at (warning: some of the content posted on that site is probably NSFW.)

She is thinking oh-so-hard, and super imposed onto the Planet Express Ship, in honor of the Fry meme.

In general, I found the site easy to use, although I wish I had more control over the size/line breaks in the text, which were sometimes awkward. But it gave me a wonderful excuse to go through some of your delightful comments.

I'm thinking I probably need to make one of these for every main character in the strip... including Lily.

That's a Gift

At least they were together at the end. That's a gift, Carol. Another gift is that everyone got to meet Ellen, so they know she's a real person. Just imagine if she mysteriously died in a "plane crash" before anyone got to talk to her. Jack can find solace in that.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Dreaded Sickness

Smart, Ellen. I'm pretty sure Jack would have told her to work through her sickness, regardless of whatever said mysterious sickness was. Better to lay low and avoid mucking horse manure for a little while.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Five Glorious Years

Who among us is not delighted by Tommie's look of squinty suspicion in the second panel? This is the stuff of meme generators... which I will be creating shortly after work today, modelled on the fantastic Futurama meme below.

So think of Tommie's deepest most poignant suspicions and I'll pop them into the meme generator later today.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The NeverEnding Story: Part 10000

Yes, by all means, let's get as much backstory on these incidental characters as humanly possible.  I don't think we know nearly enough about them.  We wouldn't want to have a poorly fleshed out supporting cast when the main characters are so multifaceted and richly developed.

Speaking of backstory, Tommie is showing off those farm labor delts in the second panel.  As much as one can show off in a loose fitting turtleneck.  Keep lifting that fawn girl!