Friday, December 19, 2014


Uhh, Martin? You don't even know what faith your fiance belongs to? This does not bode well... Maybe it's time for you to have some conversations with your future wife.

That said, I think a more likely conclusion to this story than "Martin opens his mind and accepts Gabriella even if he doesn't agree with her" is "Gabriella is flimflammed by a fortune teller and Martin has to save her somehow and wasn't Gabriella silly." And even though that would be stupid and diminutive, it would kind of be worth it to see a flimflammer. This strip hasn't had an antagonist since Tori, and she was awwwwwwesommmmme!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


"I'll do whatever you want, unless you want me to respect you. That's who I am - a man who can't respect your silly belief system. I can't change who I am, so could you please just change who you are?"

This seems like a healthy relationship to me. Definitely get married.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Oh, Gabby Wabby! You know I wuv you the most, wight? And I love it that you have beliefs and everything! Except, why can't they be my beliefs? Can you do that for me, Gabby? Can you just put away your silly beliefs in tarot and voodoo and be more like every other white person in this strip? And when I say "white person," I mean "person."

To be fair, Gabriella, I don't think there's anyone in this strip who's encountered your superstitious ways and not scoffed in disdain or rolled their eyes or laughed in your face. So this can't really be coming out of nowhere.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

One Reason

Poor Martin, through all the stress of Gabriella's emotional distance and having his sordid past revealed to Lu Ann and Margo by Telly Savalas, he forgot to pick up more Just For Men.  I'm sure that there is a Duane Reade near the Towers, Martin!  It will make you feel so much better.  And Keith Hernandez has assured me that it will help you with your lady wooing.

Monday, December 15, 2014

On the City Streets

Gabriella! Gabby! Gabbs! Gabsolutely Fabulous! Great to see you after all this time! Has it been two years, or just a year and ten months? Well, WHO'S COUNTING ANYWAY, sister friend! So glad you've started dying your hair back to your original hue. Unfortunately, it hasn't succeeded in making you look any younger. In fact, it kind of makes you look like a brunette Carol Collins. Not that that's a bad thing—clearly Martin can't take his eyes off you[r neck]!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Totally Wrong

I got no time for the jibber jabber with this strip, just wanted to make sure it's in the archives in case I ever have to reference the day that Margo and Martin's burgeoning father-daughter love blossomed into a full-on tender hug-a-thon (while Lu Ann awkwardly tries to keep the conversation going).

Friday, December 12, 2014

No Big Deal

No joke, I've spent about a half hour trying to come up with an appropriate reference for who Lu Ann looks like in this in that last panel. Shelley Winters? Too much hair. Vivian Vance? Same. Loni Anderson? No. Loni Anderson never looked as old as Lu Ann does right here. Any ideas?

Anyway, she's obviously secondary in this scene as Martin and Margo bask in their newly found daughter-father love. Lu Ann, the fire escape is still a viable option if you want to get out and avoid the lobby with Mr. Six Flags, as Downpuppy delightfully dubbed him.