Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Never For Now

Wait, that whole thing with the governor was supposed to be dramatic?  I can't even remember how it ended...I also don't think we can classify any of the male-female interactions in this strip as dating.  A male appears in the strip and is paired with his same hair color A3G female.  There are many strips of talking followed by an immediate escalation in the relationship with emerald or diamond rings given.  Then the male disappears and the cycle begins anew.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Too Busy

Man, if I were writing a strip to stall for time, these are basically the strips I would write.

Lu Ann: How's your mom's wedding going?
Margo: AWFUL! And off panel.
Lu Ann: Wasn't she going through some kind of identity crisis?
Margo: The last time I saw her was February of last year, so I'm sure she's fine. By the way, family members should never get involved in weddings!
Lu Ann: Oh!
Margo: I saw a family member punch another family member at a wedding once. That proves it.
Lu Ann: Okay.
Margo: How about lunch?
Lu Ann: Lunch? What's that?
Margo: It's this thing you put in your mouth and chew.
Lu Ann: Okay!
Margo: Should we go to a restaurant?
Lu Ann: Sure! Do you know any?
Margo: I know one! It's on Third!
On the stairs...Margo: My dad knows lots of restaurants.
Outside...Lu Ann: Wow! It feels good to see blue people walking around again.
Margo: WAIT--did you see what I saw??
Lu Ann: What?
Margo: Nevermind, it's nothing.
Lu Ann: Are you sure?
Margo: Yup, pretty much.
Lu Ann: Okay, now, which way is the restaurant?
Margo: Do you have Google Maps? Or a sense of direction?
Lu Ann: Would those be on my flip phone?
Margo: WAIT, Lu Ann--is that a penny on the sidewalk??

I mean this could go on forever. Just wait until we witness another snoozefest luncheon. At least we're outside... Maybe somebody will walk into the path of a bus! A gal can dream.

At Least They Left The Apartment?

OMG!  Matrón, the fabulous boutique on Third that caters to older, perpetually single women is having a a buy one, get one free sale on blouses and turtlenecks!  I hope Lu Ann put her credit card in her attaché case! 

Friday, November 21, 2014

My Treat

INADEQUATE! That was ONE horror story, and now we're just talking about eating again. This is the worst. This is nothing.

When nothing is happening in this strip, it always reminds me of that "This is something, this is nothing" Phil Hartman SNL skit where he's teaching an acting class. If you don't watch it, it's your loss.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wedding Fun!

That's all you've got, Margo? Come on, I've seen worse on any given episode of Bridezillas.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Um. Lu Ann. You do too know how dangerous wedding planning can be. Do you remember nothing of the Paul Linski 100% natural good-time family wedding solution? You know, when you half-heartedly accepted Paul's proposal and he immediately bought the house next to his parents' house and declared your wedding dress needed sleeves and his family was not satisfied by your obvious lack of enthusiasm and ran a background check to figure out you're a war widow which means you're a liar and a big ho I guess?

Anyway. I still love Margo's huge brushstroke of "Family should never be involved in wedding plans!" She is so right, family's are such a nuisance when they care about stuff! If only we could just exclude them from Thanksgiving and Christmas and high school graduations, too.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Wow, that was a quick resolution to Margo's wedding planning blues.  I mean, isn't Gabriella going to notice/be upset that Margo almost immediately pawned her daughterly duties off on someone else?  And isn't Gabriella going to yell at Margo in broken Spanish/Italian/Yiddish while gesticulating wildly?  Or is she so fully WASPified now that she'll just say something passive agressive and fix herself a nightcap?