Friday, April 18, 2014

That's Crazy, Jack!

There are about a hundred million things going on in New York City, and Tommie has to drive to Pittsburgh and upstate New York to find a plotline??

Well they can keep her. Tommie is not doing her part as an A3G lady.

She flies in to New York after months in Europe, immediately drives out to PA, snags a deer, drives back, never even gives her roommates a chance to get a discount at Harrod's before her fiance mysteriously disappears, and then packs up the little Lyme's disease machine for Happiness Falls? Where she's definitely going to take this job because she's too weak-willed not to? And plus I think she got fired before?

If I was Margo, I'd change the locks and use her room as a closet at this point.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not Interested

I'm sorry for being dismissive, presumptuous, and rude before, Jack. Oh, you have a proposition? I don't want to hear it, I'm sure it's terrible, and I hope you die in a fire.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Everyone in This Town Knows You've Got a Fawn in Your Car

Gosh, Happiness Falls isn't like New York City at all! In New York City, you can stow a deer in your apartment for weeks, even months without people noticing. Here, you leave one lousy fawn in your car overnight, who bleats like a goat for nine measly hours, and suddenly everyone's talking about you.

Um. But seriously, this is a little weird. He thinks Tommie's cute?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stranger Danger

There are several possibilities for how Dr. Jack Riley, Large Animal Vet found Tommie after she left town with Lily in tow:

1) The motel is actually a part of Dr. Jack's farm, and he keeps those rooms occupied by luring people to Happiness Falls with the promise of a sanctuary for their large exotic animals.   Then, just as night is about to fall, he insults them for thwarting mother nature's grand design, and they storm off into the night and stop at first motel they happen upon.
2) Happiness Falls is populated by only Jack Riley, his colt and that busybody from the town hall, and the three of them take turns running all the local establishments.
3) The motel was a mirage and Lily and Tommie really just spent the night hiding out in someone's shed.

Monday, April 14, 2014


No issues with the deer at the motel? None?? Man. This girl-deer buddy film has disappointed in a big way. A BIG way! I can only hope that Tommie was so distracted by her burgeoning feelings for Doc Jack that she left Lily in the car all night, and then Lily kicked her way out the backseat window and escaped.

Also, this is the most rustic motel I've ever seen. Lu Ann should paint it.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

All I could think of when I saw this strip was Lily in the shower when suddenly, the curtain gets pulled back and she sees Norman Bates as "Mother".  Cue the music and bleats of terror.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Losing Control

Thursday April 10, 2014
Uh, whoa, didn't hear the good doctor mention the E word, he's just a proponent for putting wild animals back in the wild. Because no one wants them for pets. Because they're not very good pets. And super annoying. Sound like someone you know, Tommie? Someone named, you?

Friday April 11, 2014
Okay, whatever, I'm fine with this because NOW, things are going to get zany! Lily's going to pee on something, or fly through the windshield because she forgot to buckle her seatbelt, or SOMETHING, and Tommie will be forced to come crawling back to Dr. I-already-forgot-his-name. Paul Linski?