Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dead Wrong

Leave it to Margo to be taken to Manhattan's exclusive gated hospital.  Surrounded by like a giant underground electric fence? 

I don't know why Tommie is singling Eric out for not visiting.  Gabby and Martin went for a walk like a week ago and haven't been back.  At least Eric is skulking about the hospital grounds.

My theory for the end of this strip, if  they are actually are planning an ending (which is probably not likely) is that Gabriella and Martin elope and that Margo and Greg or Eric (whomever she designates) use the preplanned Diana Devine wedding.  Lu Ann moves out of the apartment and Tommie is made head nurse or something.


True Standish said...

Megan, your idea for the end of the strop sounds interesting and makes a lot of sense. Therefore, it will definitely NOT appear in this strip.

Ryan said...

I wonder if we'll ever actually see the titular apartment again before it ends

Anonymous said...

It's behind Eric's head in P1. Perhaps you were too distracted by Tommie's Far Side face to see it!