Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tears of Joy and Sadness

I'm so sad I could cry.

In the last months of this strip's existence, Margo has been reduced to a blithering mess, then in a coma, and then a blithering mess again. And now my very last strip is Margo-less (though frankly Gabriella could just be Margo with longer hair at this point), and background-less! No squiggle art to bid me adieu! No Lampy to help dry my tears. No drapes or random city streets appearing in the second panel to say good night! Just a void with maybe a little plant in the corner (? I think that's what that is?) mocking me!

Well, thanks all! It's been fun! Hopefully something happens in the next few days!


Scott P. said...

Gradually Manhattan is turning into the Void.

Sugar Packet said...

Thanks for helping us keep up with the girls, Casey. Or, at least their parents. Only two more days, no!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your amusing commentary, Casey!

Downpuppy said...

Is Gabby a Modigiliani portrait or a goatish demon?

Only 2 days to decide?


Scott P. said...

So if the tags on the posts here are generally accurate LuAnn last appeared in the strip on September 24. Which itself wouldn't be an unusual gap except that the strip is ending Monday.

molly said...

Thanks for all, Casey!

I'm pretty much convinced that they are stopping the strip because of what the drawings and writing look like coming up. I'll bet that there is a month or so of strip that's already been commissioned, but it was so bad the syndicate was like "Uh, let's stop this right about... here."

Not that I expected anything great from Mags Shulock in terms of wrapping anything up, per her history of not wrapping anything up, but this doesn't seem like a final storyline.