Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Margo Has No Use For Me

I just keep shouting at my laptop screen "We don't have time for this conversation!  DON'T YOU KNOW THE STRIP IS ENDING?!?!?!," but I think my random outbursts are upsetting my cat.

So I guess Eric just came back to tell everyone but Margo that he's alive?  Does he just expect Tommie and GabMar (I'm tired of typing their names) to never tell her?  I mean he does look pretty terrible for forty, but like at least offer to run the Eric Mills gallery again.  Then Margo could relax and focus on her one client and planning GabMar's wedding.  And we can see what new squiggles Lu Ann has been working on over the last year.  Margo can always find a way to squeeze something out of someone.


molly said...

"I'm forty years old. Just put me in the ground, already!"

fauxprof said...

I'm 67. Maybe I should just go back to bed.

Aunt Charlotte said...

A farewell ballad to Apt. 3G, to be sung along with Miss Ann-Margret:

Bye Bye 3G
We’re gonna miss the snark;
Bye Bye 3G,
But you jumped the shark!
No more Lampy,
And Drapey’s gone away;
I’ll cry 3G,
Hate your swift decay!
I’ll miss the wooden fence,
In Midtown NYC;
The plots that made no sense,
Psychotic repartee!
Bye Bye 3G,
You’re finally out of ink;
Bye Bye 3G
Get me a @#$% drink,
I need a @#$% drink—
Where’s my @#$% drink?

Bye Bye Tommie
Lu Ann and Margo, too
You were balmy
Hate to say adieu!
Rubber faces
That shifted constantly
Indoor places
With old cars and trees!
Way back in ‘61
This comic had real class
Your sell-by date is done
You’ve just run out of gas!
My heart’s broken,
You’ve left me in the lurch
Too fancy for Hoboken
and too hot for church
I’m too hot for church
Way too hot for church!

Maggie said...

Brava, Aunt Charlotte! Fantastic summary of current state of affairs, and way to work in the strip's most memorable catchphrase in recent history: "Too fancy for Hoboken and too hot for church." RIP, Margo saying anything witty.