Monday, November 2, 2015

Going to be Fine!!

I guess all those theories about entering/awakening from a dream state will remain delightful theories. Margo's totally fine, y'all! Even Gabby (not Gabriella, never Gabriella) knows.

So, we had literally less that two weeks of Margo being in a coma. What the heck! The whole reason you put a character in a coma is to have other characters make tearful confessions over the comatose body, and then produce some kind of did-she-or-didn't-she-hear tension. Ms. Shulock, I demand you return Margo to her coma this instant!

P.S. Great tip from DWET that Mary Worth will be crossing over with another strip while visiting New York this week! In today's strip, Mary enters a taxi with a driver who texts while driving. (Get those platitudes ready, Mar!) Maybe tomorrow, she'll have to share the cab with Lu Ann, finally getting her act together to visit her friend in the hospital?


Manifesta said...

Here's my theory—I don't pretend to know about the comics industry, but tell me if it makes any sense:
Margaret Shulock got angry that Frank Bolle's deteriorating artwork was messing with her stories. She asked King Features Syndicate to replace Bolle. KFS refused, out of loyalty or—more likely—because Bolle wouldn't leave and they didn't want to buy out his contract. Shulock threw her hands in the air in disgust and just stopped writing the script, maybe knowing that her contract would keep KFS paying her anyway. Bolle started scripting as well as drawing A3G, which is why it became increasingly incoherent as it became increasingly ugly.
KFS would now have to buy out two contracts in order to reboot the strip, and decided it just wasn't worth the headache.

Jim Donahue said...

I'd be surprised if the crossover is with Apt. 3-G. If the syndicate is planning on killing the strip soon, why give it publicity now?

Anonymous said...

Manifesta, your hypothesis would have some merit if Mags Shulock was a competent writer and knew what competent writing was. As we can all see from her work in Six Chix, she isn't.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

GROAN! Over at Mary Worth, today's crossover involves The Phantom, not Lu Ann or Margo or Tommie. YAWN! ... Maybe later this week, A3G will show up in MW? Here's hoping ...