Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This is the End

Burn!  I'm so glad we fast forwarded 4 weeks to see that Gabby and Martin super procrastinated firing their wedding planner/psychic adviser/witch who cursed Margo with thyroid storm.

I'm still sad that Diane Devine was just a regular blouse wearing A3G world lady instead of a fabulous turban and caftan wearing caricature.  But in the years of doing this blog, I've significantly lowered my plot and character development expectations.

As we are winding down with this strip, I just wanted to thank the readers and commenters for sticking with the blog and tolerating my feeble attempts every week.  I've always enjoyed reading the comments, and they have made me laugh out loud.  


jl said...

I've spent the last ... too many years following A3G through this blog and just wanted to comment, for the first time, to say thanks.

This may be the end -- but we'll always have Taser Lady.

Sugar Packet said...

I second jl's emotion. It's been a good run, thanks for keeping us laughing, even through the anger of Diane Devine and her bad words!