Friday, May 28, 2010

Vote for a New Look

Hi guys! I'm going to be away for the holiday weekend. Hopefully won't miss too much red hot art gallery action. In the meantime, here's some food for thought. I'd like to re-theme the site with some of the best panels from last year. The problem is: I have too many favorites! I'm trying to group by storyline. So let me ask you, dear readers: what do you think the best storyline of the year was?

Margo Does India!

Bobbie the Bobble Merrill!

Catfight at 3G!

Taser Lady Super Force!

Technically, Taser Lady Super Force is over a year ago, but I just can't bring myself to take it off the list. Use the poll at the top of the side bar to vote, or let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks!

Helter Skelter

Yesterday's comments about the Scorpio Killer (who, by the way, looks nothing like Jack) have nevertheless got me spooked that Jack is, yes, a serial killer. "I hope you'll stay and help me, Lu Ann, even when everyone else has left. Won't you stay and be my curator? What if Margo was.... no longer a problem. Then would you stay?" Ahh! Lu Ann, get out of there!

Also, I think Jack is supposed to be an older man. Back in February, he looked more like Martin's age, but recently he's appeared much younger. Maybe he gets fresher and more youthful with each victim he slays...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Back Gallery

If I had to pick, I would take the painting of a head of cabbage there in the front.Rowr! As Doris remarked yesterday, Jack sure is good at talking! "Me too." ...classic! Although Lu Ann had to talk about the gallery's art, possibly her own, in the most stilted, obvious way to set him up. She might even be looking in mirror in that second panel. Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most beautiful thing of them all?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring Styles

What is this display for again? Oh yeah, CARDS.I just realized Lu Ann's wearing a pea coat buttoned all the way to the top. What is it, May 26th? Memorial Day just around the corner? Temperature expected to reach 94 degrees in New York today? Lu Ann, you look INSANE! Doris looks only marginally less crazy in some kind of long-sleeved polo shirt... she's cooking up some kind of a Tiger Woods meets Prince Valiant vibe. I really do hope IDITD is coming for all of them. Makeovers for everybody!

Speaking of a change in style, I'm thinking of updating the look of the site. Woman's prerogative! I was going to use one of my favorite panels from the past year to inspire my design, but I'm having trouble choosing. I might need your help on this, stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As Lu Ann Stumbles On...

Who wouldn't want to date that head of hair?Here's my concern. Can Lu Ann think and walk at the same time? Is she getting anywhere? Is she standing in place thinking all this, the perspective swinging around her to simulate movement? Is she taking short breaks to walk once in a while? I'm just worried that this is going to take a while, and she's not even thinking anything particularly interesting. Oh, Margo is slow to trust people because she has a long memory clouded with resentment? Knock me over with a feather. Lu Ann, you are never going to live down those boyfriends you stole back in 2004 and, I don't know, 1993-ish. Never!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Return of the Catfight

Lu Ann tries to reconcile...
...and SHE'S REJECTED!! Sorry folks, I've been out on business, I just got back yesterday. I was thinking of just starting fresh on Monday, but how could I pass up Margo being OH MY GOD, SUCH A BITCH?? The best is her bobble of evil satisfaction in the last panel as she strokes her chin with her lethal claws. "Oh ho ho, I got Lu Ann to curse. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering. She'll join me yet." Or maybe she's just laughing that Lu Ann doesn't know which finger to use to flip her off.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Why Me, Sis?

Keep in under your ascot, buckaroo.Blaze Powers, a fashion legend in his own mind, couldn't imagine why I Dressed in the Dark wanted to get in contact with him, but Ruby swiftly invented a suitable cover-up.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Puce Everywhere!

Check your pulse, Tommie.So, right, I guess the I Dressed in the Dark prize patrol will be stopping by at a later date, then? Or is Tommie going to awkwardly brush past them on the way to the elevator?

Interesting note: this is the first time in recent history we've seen the door to the apartment, and how pleasing it is to see that, yes, there is a "3G" on the door! ...that they appeared to write in pencil. I like that they painted the door to match the hall. And also painted the doorknob. And doorbell. And peep hole? Got a little carried away there, but I guess that leftover paint wasn't going to use up itself!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tommie Exaggerately Checks Her Watch and...

And it's back on with the mustard jacket!WHOA, Margo and Lu Ann are so pissed, their thought balloons didn't even come close to making it past the censors! Tommie's no dummy, she's getting out of there! The other two are so distracted by their dark thoughts that they won't even notice that Tommie was only in the apartment for all of three minutes.

In real life news: I'm just about to drive out to Springfield, Ohio to watch my sister graduate from Wittenberg University. She's my pride and joy. Go Bets go! I'll try to post on Saturday if I have access to a computer.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Danger, Will Robinson

You know what this room could use? A plant.Whoa, Tommie. Danger. Abort. Abort. You have attracted the attention of an angry Margo. If you don't watch it, Margo is going to bring out her own "peacemaker," and then you really will be sick... to death. And by that I mean she's going to shoot you with her stepmom's gun! Heh. Although I don't think firearms are Margo's style... so she's probably just going to bludgeon you with the handle until you settle down.

Also, okay, they're fighting a lot?? Really?? I thought Margo and Lu Ann were all buddy-buddy, what with all the dead boyfriendery and sucky childhoods and all.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tommie Demands an Explanation... Silently

Lu Ann is left-handed, truly an artist.You wanted an explanation Tommie? Hmm? Did you? It looks more like you're mildly disinterested in the whole affair. I mean, Lu Ann is LOSING it, barely restraining her fist from the punching, Margo is singing in some kind of angry manner, and then there you are, calmly staring into the middle distance.

She must be in her happy place.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Da da da da da da!

I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you!What's most puzzling about this scene is the total lack of emotion on these girls faces. More than "I'm going to my room!" Lu Ann looks like she should be saying, "I wonder if there are any poptarts left?" And Margo may be finger pointing like a pro (and she is one), but what's with the face? Where's the sneer? The smirk? The raised eyebrow? The nose crinkle? You don't deliver a taunt like that without some kind of tell!

Meanwhile, the girls are all together, so it must be time for IDITD to show up and ambush the happy campers! I imagine it going something like the clip below, one of my favorite parts from the movie Clue:

Monday, May 10, 2010

That's a Fact

If you can't say something nice... Well! All I have to say is that if this strip devolves into petty catfights, I... well, I probably won't mind. At least for the first couple monthes. Notice that Lu Ann hasn't changed, but Margo has slipped into her pink turtleneck, from the "Margo: At Home" collection, I think.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Personal Personnel Problems

Not a Boyfriend Issue: the Jack the gallery helper outer story. Stealing Margo's boyfriends? Margo sure can hold a grudge (surprise). She must be talking about some storyline so distant I don't even remember it. I mean, Margo was complaining about Lu Ann's history of boyfriend theft back in November 2006, when she was upset that Lu Ann was trying to steal Eric from her (she wasn't). Also funny from the archives, Margo takes another swipe at Lu Ann's art! How are these two people friends at all?? At any time??

So! Does anyone have any what Margo is referring to here? Did they go to high school together and Lu Ann starting necking with Margo's main squeeze, perhaps?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lu Ann... Powers?

I'll have you know it took TWO people to think up this card display. Uhhhhh, yeah. I hate to oppose the Margo, but is she really trying to accuse Lu Ann of being wily? Lu Ann? Being underhanded and deceitful and clever to further her own career? I'm not sure Lu Ann can handle having open motives, nevermind ulterior motives. The extent of Lu Ann's cunning is her ability to make herself a a bowl of cereal in the morning. Okay, that's a little harsh, I bet she can handle the toaster in a pinch.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Talk it Out

It's like Lu Ann vanished into thin air. Yeah Margo. What's really wrong? Was the jade not heated to your liking during the hot stone massage? Was the pomegranate jasmine facial peel not all you expected it to be? Was the spa playing Enya? ORRRR could it be your childish denial of your own grief and sorrow due to the dead boyfriend/psychotic stepmom combo? Dish to someone who really cares: Jack!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Smirky Magee

Oh my god, Margo is such a bitch! And yet, she, of course, is the one that keeps me riveted to this strip, in all her smirky, petulant glory. I mean, look at Lu Ann in comparison. She should be an inconsolable tower of rage right now, spitting with every indignant word, but in reality, she can hardly keep her pointin' finger straight. She doesn't even look upset, really. Her expression in the second panel is more like disbelief that Margo is capable of lying. "How you say words not true??" Ohhh Lu Ann. You've got a lot to learn!

Monday, May 3, 2010

You Silly Billy, You

Feelings do not compute.Lu Ann! Quit trying to twist Margo's words about dead curators and make them about Alan, your dead curator boyfriend. I think you're being the callous one, asking Margo if she has any heart. Of course she doesn't! Look at her in panel two, she's clearly some kind of robot lizard humanoid hybrid. And now her only way to defend her humanity will be to initiate a dead boyfriend screaming match with you. Just in time for makeovers!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


It'd fill a niche if it was GOOD affordable art.Note to Lu Ann: she could, she would, and I think she just did. Ahhh hahahahaha! Margo is in a rare mood today, isn't she? I sure hope this impending makeover (and the necessity of it) doesn't knock her down a peg or two. I think we'd all miss this peg.