Friday, February 19, 2010

Right on the $$$

Meanwhile, Jack metamorphizes into a frog.I swear "zip it" has come up in this strip before. It'd be really cool if this was Margo's signature kiss off line, like "sit on it" was for Fonzi, or "up your nose with a rubber hose" was for Vinnie Barbarino, or "zip it" was for Dr. Evil. Then A3G could really start selling some t-shirts. Maybe out of the Mills Gallery.


Megan said...

I thought at first that this was a set up for a Bobbie/Martin confrontation, but I'm losing confidence in that happening here. It seems like this "Take Your Daddy to Work Day" episode is pulling us in a different direction, which I think is a huge mistake. I mean interferring in your daughter's management of elite art gallery? :::yawn::: The only thing that would make this hilariously interesting is if you could see Bobbie lurking outside the door/window in each panel, with a look of scorn and rage.

Aviatrix said...

More zippers, mule!

Maggie said...

Aviatrix is referring to this pure, sweet insanity, circa November 11, 2004. Margo was forced to work in a sweatshop. Oh, if I had only blogged then!

And Megan: Yeah, agreed. I'm pretty bummed that this is not picking up the momentum I hoped for at the beginning of the week. Is this better or worse than sitting through my own meetings at work? I should make a poll.