Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I think you really do! Because I think you're fooling around with a married woman! Well what a relavent client Professor Doctor has here! Her raised eyebrow in the first panel makes me think she knows more than she's saying. Word's gotten out, I guess. It's too bad we didn't actually get to meet this character or watch this session of therapy, because I'm sure the Professor was thought-bubbling clever asides the entire time. "Been there, done that, Kate!" "At least I'm not alone... although I actually am!" "More immoral than you can even imagine!"


Fraser said...

I totally thought that was Bobbie. And then it turned out to be a walk-on character whose only purpose was to provide an ironic juxtaposition to recent events.

Having said that, she totally wants to do him.

Sugar Packet said...

I think this Kate character knows the Professor's background and she's baiting him, inventing more and more details that perfectly mirror his situation. Like, her married guy's name is Robbie, and he has a brunette bowl cut hairstyle.

Ramsicle said...

The professor seems to have gotten all hot and bothered during his session with Kate; lookit how loosened his tie is, and how wrinkly his jacket has become! I can picture him now, listening to Kate go on and on about adulterous desires versus adulterous behaviors, a trickle of sweat running down his suddenly itchy neck. "Is it getting pertinent in here, or is it just me?"