Friday, February 5, 2010


Ahhh!Oh man! Way more important than Bobbie's trivial musings on the direction her husband is facing at the moment, my friend just texted me to say I got plugged by the Comics Curmudgeon! Not only that, but it turns out that I SCOOPED HIM! I scooped Josh Fruhlinger! Ahh! I'm awesome! No but really, thanks for plugging me Josh, I enjoy your blog very much and oh my god, this must be what it feels like to inject pure heroine into your system. Actually, it's probably not like that at all... not at all. Still, this is a high. Better than Bobbie's sleeping pills. Better than Alan's dope.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go call my mom.


Gordon said...

You *are* awesome! Once you suggested that Bobbie's husband must be Martin this whole story line made glorious sense. If only I had someone I could tell about this instead of Apt 3G being a guilty pleasure I must keep to myself to avoid the scorn of my friends.

mad4books said...

Yes, call your mom! She needs to have her belief that you are The Golden Child confirmed!

(You may want to hide your phone afterward, however, to avoid Ambien-dialing ex-boyfriends. They may not understand the deliciousness of scooping the Curmudgeon...and their new girlfriends *most certainly* will not get it.)

Congrats...and fingers crossed!

Liz said...

Love it, here's hoping!

Josh gave me the headsup to your blog.. I think I've added a new favorite blog to my list :)