Thursday, February 18, 2010


At least he's not wearing a fur hat. Guh! There's nothing more embarrassing than when you parents decide to surprise you at work. My mom did a "drop in" at the office once. It's funny how much you revert to a high schooler (I remember I was excessively embarrassed that she was wearing a fur hat). For the most part though, parents are generally reasonable creatures, and know how to take a hint. But what kind of monster would deliberately torture their child like this? Margo looks like she's trying to light Martin's hair on fire with her mind.

And look at Jack, smiling all merrily. He's probably a future member of the I-Pretend-to-Like-Meetings-Just-So-I-Can-Chafe-My-Child's-Authority Club.

....that's the club Martin's in.

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