Friday, February 26, 2010

Tootle. Tinkle. Jingle?

I, like many A3G readers, have grown accustomed to the “tootle tootle” that’s supposed to signify a phone ringing. So much so that I barely batted and eyelash at the “tootle” in this strip, even though it’s coming from down below and my juvenile sense of humor would usually make me say “heh… tootle.” Now, it’s followed by a “tinkle” – so I can't as easily ignore it, and I really can’t help but say “heh… tootle tinkle.” But jingle? That just threw me for a loop. It sounds like a personal problem I don’t really want to speculate on.

Also, Professor + Bobbie sucking face = ew. I like how the Professor has absolutely no ability to resist Bobbie and her yellow hair and radiators and pill-popping adulterous habits and what appear from this angle to be either jowls or a double chin. You can do so much better, Professor. Why not set your sights on Ruby? Yes, she is a step up. Trust me. Especially once she goes on I Dressed in the Dark or whatever that's called.

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Ramsicle said...

Ha, yes! I wouldn't have thought about it, but you're right, Ruby is totally a step up from Manic Stalker Pill-Popper Crazy Stepmon-Magee. Not only is Ruby sweet and she knows how to cook, the only thing she's addicted to is ribbons.