Thursday, February 25, 2010


Bobbie, we need to talk. Again. Well GREAT. Just great you guys! I bet you're about to stroll over to the art gallery aren't you? I've only been waiting for this moment for weeks now, and now everything's going to culminate just when I have my vacation planned! I can just tell. Bobbie has gotten her hair yellowed for the occasion, and the Professor will be dressed like the Red Mask of Death.

Well, really, the action seems just as likely to culminate now as it did two weeks ago, or a month in the future, or back in December... but I just bet I miss it!

That's right, I'm going on vacation. If I can get a plane out of Newark in this weather, that is... I'm leaving you in my good friend Casey's capable hands. She is arguably funnier than me, and much less forgiving, so I can't wait to hear how she lays into these characters at this pivotal moment. If you feel so inclined, drop her a line in the comments. It always encourages me to see how funny my readers are, maybe it'll buck her up too!


Casey said...

I am definitely not funnier than you. But aw shucks, thanks. I am pretty unforgiving, though, in all aspects of life. And I'll be especially grumpy because Maggie gets to be on an exotic vacation while I slave away on her blog. Readers beware.

Megan said...

Maggie, have a great trip to Mexico, don't drink the water, but DO drink the tequila! (worm optional)
Casey and Maggie are both pretty funny, but Casey is the more unforgiving and judgmental of the two. I look forward to her take on whatever the hell is going on in this strip. Did anyone see that there is going to be a new comic about a college graduate who moves in with their baby boomer parents because they have no cuts much too close to home...maybe i'll start a blog about that and how it is a mirror into my own existence...