Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Set-Up

Make way, Doris! Oh my gosh. Don't tell me that Bobbie is going shopping for art. Art to cover the walls of her cheap, empty apartment. Art that's sure to be out of the price range of anyone working as a housekeeper. Art sold by a neutral, non-specific third party.

Doris, please don't try to stop Martin from hiding in the back room with Margo while Bobbie gets into position. The only way this could get better is if Margo is currently in a meeting with the Professor. And Gabriella is in the back cleaning the toilets. And when Bobbie stops by they all jump out wearing party hats and yell "SURPRISE!"

1 comment:

McClure said...

Martin's hair really freaks me out... I thought he had just a classy touch of gray at the temples... the Cruella thing he's got going on is special. Maybe that trench coat is made of puppies?