Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why Should I Care?

She isn't trash, she just collects it.Also: he's probably not going to marry her while he's already legally married. So no worries until you get that special phone call! Now while we're here, how about a quick nip into the shower, turn on the water while you're fully clothed, sob uncontrollably, drink a third of a handle of vodka, and fall asleep for fourteen hours? Hmm? Doesn't that sound nice? Happy Valentine's Day, Bobbie!

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Casey said...

Your theory is sounding more and more legit, Mags. I mean STILL no names mentioned, and her husband has been having a longterm affair with someone 'trashy.' Has it been pointed out that he bought the building Gabriella lives in, and P.I. Alex/Alec referred to a 'building your husband owns' in the lower east side??? I can't wait for the payoff here.