Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Pain and the Hate

If you want Gabriella, you're going to have to get through Margo first. If we're lucky, Bobbie walked in on Martin hanging out with Margo, not Gabriella. Because if she winds up confronting Margo, I think we all know how FREAKING AWESOME that would be. Especially if Bobbie brings up Margo's "ugly face." Hoo boy. Bobbie won't even know what hit'er. Margo will transform into a whirlwind of teeth and nails, and the only thing between her and a Mike Tyson-style ear-chewing will be that flimsy scarf.


Anonymous said...

"back on the street"? so that's how she pays for all those radiators.

Ramsicle said...

Earlier I wrote about how I think Meryl Streep should be the actress who plays Bobbie Merrill, because of the scowl on her face on the movie poster for "Doubt". I thought that BEFORE Bobbie started wearing her scarf around her head... The last panel's resemblance is particularly uncanny.