Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunday Review

Well, here we are in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I thought that I would do two days worth of strips because I slacked off on Friday, so here goes:

Friday, July 29th
This is quite possibly the most high-tech A3G strip that I've ever seen. Videos, websites and phone apps? I like how Nina is demonstrating the phone app on her invisible, hovering, smart phone. I highly doubt that Margo really wants to work with these exciting, creative, controversial people. I mean artistes can be pretentious prima donnas about their work, and I highly doubt they're going to sell out so that the Mills can make a buck. Does she want artists or celebrities?

Saturday, July 30th
Nina has gesture Asperger's, as evidenced by her random pointing in the last strip and her strange invisible money rubbing in this one. She has no idea what the proper gesture is for the social situation she is in. Either that or she's letting Margo know that in order for her to gain contact to the jaw-dropping Stefani, she's going to have to pay through the nose up front. I'm thinking, and hoping, that Stefani is going to be the A3G version of Lady Gaga, and I can't wait to experience it.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Living Artwork

"See, I'm expressing my creativity by actually BECOMING a Picasso painting."

I don't think Nina gets the idea of art without rules. Then what? There are no rules!

...But, probably, the next step is someone is going to be arrested immediately or the Mills Gallery will be burned to the ground. This is why we have rules, Margo!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No Smorking, Please

"Congratulations on a multi-million dollar project." Is this really how rich people talk to each other? It's almost Engrish. Margo: Wishing you a good Luck to your for keep the Space exciting!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My husband was so proud of me when my father finally retired/kicked the bucket and left me in charge of his empire, jumping me to the front of the line ahead of the hapless peons who have given the best years of their lives to this company, only to remain in their non-corner offices without the shadow creature that lurks just outside my giant window.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Why, Lu Ann with bangs! What are you doing here? I hope this is what passes for Nina Garcia in A3G-world, cause I am just as pumped as anyone for the new season of Project Runway and I would love to hear Margo's ideas for cross-promotional opportunities. Better get Klum on the line.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What a Wonderful Mother

Whuh-oh! There goes that crazy Paul again, making Lu Ann uncomfortable with his deeply domestic fantasies. Quick, Lu Ann! Tell him about all the plants and fish that have died under your watch! Goldie will not have died in vain!

Friday, July 22, 2011


I can't believe that Wally would be able to concentrate on TV with that sweet "Super Bowl" poster. Maybe it's not even a poster, maybe it's just a giant, white Post-It reminding him to watch the game. I'll be that after Paul leaves, Wally will sit alone in his room alone with a glass of lemonade, so as not to forget Lu Ann's scent.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lu Ann's Magical Hospital Trip

I'm a little confused as to why Lu Ann was at the hospital and Paul wasn't. Not sure if there was some kind of piano-related emergency that kept him away. Or maybe Lu Ann only went in the first place to score some prescription meds... based on her blank gaze in the first panel, that's probably the best bet.

I don't know if Paul should get too excited about Lu Ann calling his place home. I tend to call lots of things home, personally. When I'm travelling, I call the hotel home. When I'm camping, I call the tent home. When I'm hopped up on prescription meds, I call the inflatable castle at the next door neighbor's kid's birthday party home, too.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Late Again

It's simple, Tommie. Celebrities like to be seen, even next to a construction site. We'll cook up some fake-o art exhibit/awards ceremony/Make-a-Wish crap and hold it at the Mills Gallery before it's even finished. We'll call it a concept piece. Throw in a couple of lights fixtures and some diaphonus fabric, buy a case of wine, BOOM, major event. "A Life Unfinished: The Eric Mills Story/Gallery." They get off on that high concept stuff.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heeeeeere's Margo!

I know that I need to get new contacts when I misread the box of cereal Tommie is holding as "Brain Bits." Is that sarcasm I hear from Miss Tommie? Is she finally tired of being the vehicle to introduce storylines for the other characters? You know who didn't wake up with all the answers? Wally Linski, because he's still in a coma.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rich, Famous and Artsy

Saturday July 16th, 2011

Monday July 18th, 2011
Well wouldn't I just love to hear who's on Margo's list of "Important Rich Famous and Artsy People I Know in This God Forsaken Town." Woody Allen? Spike Lee? Yoko Ono? Derek Jeter? The Olsen twins? Perhaps the Broderick-Jessica Parkers? Maybe she has a standing date with the gals from The View for coffee and knish? Dinner at the Russian Tea Room with Bloomberg and Giuliani? After parties with the cast of SNL?

Friday, July 15, 2011

She's As Cold As Ice

Here we are, another week has passed and it's time for another installment of Friday night catch-up!

Thursday, July 14th

Margo has a look of fiendish glee in the first panel! "WHAT?!?!?!? A small child is was struck by a car and is in excruciating pain? That's the best news I've heard all day! Nay, all week!" But, it turns out she wasn't listening to a word Tommie said. She's not malicious, just selfishly ignorant.

Friday, July 15th

Geez Tommie we get it! Paul's brother got hit by a car, you've said it every day for like the past four strips. No matter how many times you say it, Margo is not going to care about it, nor is she going to express compassion or understanding for ANYONE! "Tommie, help jog my feeble memory. I was a promotional genius, why would I throw all that away? Was I too humble? Too concerned with the welfare of others? Too good a listener?"

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


What is up with the spiky telephone division line?? He's gotten way out of hand. I think something must've surprised Frank Bolle when he was halfway through drawing the second panel--probably some unexpected twist on Antiques Roadshow. Then he thought, "Eh... I can make this work. As long as I don't have to draw the rest of Tommie's arm."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Linski Catastrophe

Oh Wally, you were not long for this world, or are you? Why doesn't Tommie McNursepants ask if he's in critical or stable condition? "He's tough, Lu Ann, just have him walk it off...What these people don't need is your blonde head worry-bobbling up a storm!"

So far I have a top three list of characters who are in the running for giving Lu Ann the love that she's never known before:
  1. Wally Linski - Do you know how hard it is for a ten year old kid to save up to buy perfume? He may have already been smitten, but just wait until he wakes up from this coma to see his blonde angel nursing him back to health!
  2. Mother Linski - Lu Ann is the daughter that she never had, and now she's here for the Linski clan in their darkest hour. I bet Lu Ann will be offering her the large, unnecessarily labeled box of tissues tomorrow, paving a soft, cottony path to Mother Linski's heart.
  3. Paul Linski - I'm not going to lie, he's a distant third. He has a really low percentage chance of winning this race. Wally being near death is helping him though.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Big Happenings

First of all, kudos to Tommie for maybe being the first person ever to use a semicolon in Apartment 3-G. So great! I'm sure it really lent some pathos to her inquiry.

But oh my gosh, WHO CARES about a semicolon when Lu Ann has obviously dumped gallons of boiling hot strawberry preserves into Mrs. Linski's lap! Now all Lu Ann can do is stew in her own guilt as Mrs. Linski undergoes skin grafting in some suspiciously apartment-looking hospital. Prediction: Mrs. Linski will take Lu Ann to court and demand that she comes with a warning label.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Favor

Whoa whoa whoa, have Jack and Doris defected, or are they just part-timing at the Davis Print Studio? Because if they thought they could escape Margo, they should know there will always be another "favor," and that the price of disobedience is a fish wrapped in newspaper crammed in your PO Box. And take it from someone who knows---it's impossble to get the fish stink out of there.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Chelsea Morning

I can't stop looking at Margo's extraordinarily awkward posture in the second panel. It's like her hand is on backwards! Perhaps the sharp angles of the scene reflect her inner struggle and anxiety over the fate of the gallery. And speaking of this makeover, where is Trey? He's probably having that scarf dry cleaned...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh Margo, You're So Silly

Hi all, it's Casey again. I have to thank Megan for covering for me while I was on a (not at all) exotic 2-week business trip. Yayyy Megan!

Is it just me, or does Margo look vaguely worried in the first panel? And it seems as though she's expressing concern for another human being in the second panel. I can't quite wrap my head around that right now, so I'm going to focus on her extreme finger pointing/thrusting. And how she has to call Lu Ann's boyfriend by his full name. As if the conversation would go: "Are you and Paul getting serious?" "Paul? Paul who?" "Paul Linski. You know, your suspiciously aw-shucks piano-moving boyfriend?" "Oh, Paul Linski? In that case, no."

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hold On, Lu Ann

Wow, I hope this strip becomes just Margo straight up verbally wailing on her roommates for actually doing stuff. And then, once everyone's out of the apartment, I hope it becomes a strip about Margo staying at home, sipping Bloody Marys and yelling at The Today Show.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Saving the World: One Unreleased Song at a Time

They're called methamphetamines, and they are fantastic! However, tiny elf ears are a possible, embarrassing side effect. Tommie just released a double live LP and is off to pull a triple shift at the hospital. Now if this were a nineties sitcom, this is where Tommie really would get hooked on drugs to maintain her crazy productivity, just like Jessie from Saved by the Bell. But alas, it's merely a fifties era comic strip, and her productivity is the result of sweat and hard work. Boring!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Tommie is still a nurse?? Really?? I thought we were past that. Also, I'm charmed to see the girls still use a phone with a cord. Actually, at this point, I bet having a phone with a cord is almost retro cool.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pretty Awesome

Well, I guess now we know what "love beyond any you've ever known" refers to: the love of Paul Linski's family! Shucks. They really are great. And you too Paul, you're just the tops. Everything's really going super duper with this relationship. Good times, good times... okay, where's Margo?


Hey there loyal readers! I completely intended to post last night, but I kind of passed out. So here we go with some catch-up strips that I think provide a little bit more of the context for the golden emanation kiss from today's strip!

Thursday, June 30th

Wow, these Linskis come on strong! Lemon scented perfume and a cute sweater? What more could a girl want? AND FOR GOSH SAKES CALL ME CAROL! Now here, wipe that rain drop on your cheek away with this box of unnecessarily labeled tissues.

Friday, July 1st

The Linskis will shower you with gifts and attention, but not without expecting you to clean up. Please, let me think of you as my daughter Lu Ann. I will hold you close to my heart as gently as I am holding these delicate soap bubbles.