Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hey there loyal readers! I completely intended to post last night, but I kind of passed out. So here we go with some catch-up strips that I think provide a little bit more of the context for the golden emanation kiss from today's strip!

Thursday, June 30th

Wow, these Linskis come on strong! Lemon scented perfume and a cute sweater? What more could a girl want? AND FOR GOSH SAKES CALL ME CAROL! Now here, wipe that rain drop on your cheek away with this box of unnecessarily labeled tissues.

Friday, July 1st

The Linskis will shower you with gifts and attention, but not without expecting you to clean up. Please, let me think of you as my daughter Lu Ann. I will hold you close to my heart as gently as I am holding these delicate soap bubbles.

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Maggie said...

Go on. Take one of these Tissue-brand tissues. They're the tissuiest! And they are definitely not laced with chloroform.