Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunday Review

Well, here we are in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I thought that I would do two days worth of strips because I slacked off on Friday, so here goes:

Friday, July 29th
This is quite possibly the most high-tech A3G strip that I've ever seen. Videos, websites and phone apps? I like how Nina is demonstrating the phone app on her invisible, hovering, smart phone. I highly doubt that Margo really wants to work with these exciting, creative, controversial people. I mean artistes can be pretentious prima donnas about their work, and I highly doubt they're going to sell out so that the Mills can make a buck. Does she want artists or celebrities?

Saturday, July 30th
Nina has gesture Asperger's, as evidenced by her random pointing in the last strip and her strange invisible money rubbing in this one. She has no idea what the proper gesture is for the social situation she is in. Either that or she's letting Margo know that in order for her to gain contact to the jaw-dropping Stefani, she's going to have to pay through the nose up front. I'm thinking, and hoping, that Stefani is going to be the A3G version of Lady Gaga, and I can't wait to experience it.


Anonymous said...

I assumed Nina had to hand gesture while pronouncing "Stefani"

pq said...

Please please please please PLEASE let it be Lady Gaga!!!

Maggie said...

That thing in between them is like a strange simulacrum of a hand... And anyway, I'm showing my age, cause I automatically thought GWEN STEFANI!! TRAGIC KINGDOM!!! "DON'T SPEAK"!! Let's just pretend "Wind It Up" never happened!

Gerard said...

Actually, it just occurs to me that Margo might have a touch of Asperger's. It makes sense...unless, of course, you consider her to be an out-and-out sociopath.

pq said...

@Maggie, my first thought was also Gwen Stefani, too, but Gaga would be SO super awesome. Maybe she could show up carried by manservants in a giant egg and then have Margo crack her open and pour gallons of yolk all over the museum patrons. Now that's art!