Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Linski Catastrophe

Oh Wally, you were not long for this world, or are you? Why doesn't Tommie McNursepants ask if he's in critical or stable condition? "He's tough, Lu Ann, just have him walk it off...What these people don't need is your blonde head worry-bobbling up a storm!"

So far I have a top three list of characters who are in the running for giving Lu Ann the love that she's never known before:
  1. Wally Linski - Do you know how hard it is for a ten year old kid to save up to buy perfume? He may have already been smitten, but just wait until he wakes up from this coma to see his blonde angel nursing him back to health!
  2. Mother Linski - Lu Ann is the daughter that she never had, and now she's here for the Linski clan in their darkest hour. I bet Lu Ann will be offering her the large, unnecessarily labeled box of tissues tomorrow, paving a soft, cottony path to Mother Linski's heart.
  3. Paul Linski - I'm not going to lie, he's a distant third. He has a really low percentage chance of winning this race. Wally being near death is helping him though.

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