Friday, July 22, 2011


I can't believe that Wally would be able to concentrate on TV with that sweet "Super Bowl" poster. Maybe it's not even a poster, maybe it's just a giant, white Post-It reminding him to watch the game. I'll be that after Paul leaves, Wally will sit alone in his room alone with a glass of lemonade, so as not to forget Lu Ann's scent.

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Anonymous said...

What's going on with the background? Things don't add up. I'll suspend my disbelief and concede that the red car is behind Wally in the first panel, but the number of grey books has changed. The blue hat has become some yellow orb. Maybe it is the time displacement phenomenon that is A3G. Paul could have had the first panel conversation, then rearranged the room and finished the conversation on the other side of the room. I hope Paul has set Wally up with a stack of Benji movies and at least one cheese documentary.