Monday, November 16, 2015

Four Weeks Later

Well, I guess we got the Eric-Tommie Margo situation is in good enough shape that we can jump four weeks into the future. Because this conversation really needed a four-week time jump to occur.

I'd prefer the narration box to say "Epilogue..." instead of "Four weeks later," but it's still pretty unclear whether this is actually going to conclude or if the final strip will be just some wacko dialogue between these two about how superstition is the national religion of Guatemala or wherever Gabriella was once from before becoming WASP-y Gabby.

Still, I prefer to think this is the beginning of the WEEK OF MIRACLES, where we wrap every outstanding plotline! There's work to do:
  • Monday: Gabriella confirms that she will take no part in Diane Devine's flimflamming. CHECK!
  • Tuesday: Lu Ann rejects that smug create Mike Downey and decides to move to Dallas with Ruby.
  • Wednesday: Rick E finds Tommie and offers her a record contract... to his heart?? (she rejects him too)
  • Thursday: Professor Aristotle visits Bobbie Merrill in the psych ward and gets prison-married.
  • Friday: Trey Brooks, Evan Graham and Margo's assistant all chat in the Mills Gallery. The neglected structure collapses on top of them.
  • Saturday: Eric Mills contemplates life on top of a mountain. Margo clambers up behind him and says "WE'RE GETTING MARRIED, DAMMIT"
And Lily the Deer and Lampy watch over them all. FINIS.


Toots McGee said...

Wait, that's Martin? I'm lost.

Downpuppy said...

LuAnn & Mike should be killed on a runaway ferris wheel.

And what of Lampy? Lampy needs to welcome the new occupants to Apartment 3-G, and their DOOM!

Anonymous said...

Can't stop laughing at today's strip and your commentary!

Scott P. said...

I am not sure we could fit all those resolutions into two panels each with two people talking in a) a random midwestern town or b) a 1950s style apartment.

Sugar Packet said...

"Good for you, cupcake! I knew you weren't as dumb as you looked. Let's get married!" I know that's someone I'd want to spend the rest of my life with.

I wish we could see Marty and her bad news friend Tori one last time, but considering the amount of plot we have left to resolve, I'm thinking we'll just have to remember them the way they were...

RockDoc said...

In spite of Maggie's excellent ideas for plot resolution, I predict that this strip will simply continue to stumble towards a non-ending. Prepare to be unsatisfied, my good friends!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Awesome idea, Maggie! I enjoyed reading and imagining them. Thanks for including Evan Graham and Mike Downey! If only Carol Collins could make a final appearance ...

Now, on to the actual strips, which will probably be a tad duller ...

fauxprof said...

We can't do without you, Maggie and co., so please continue on with another strip. How about the permeating sadness of "Sally Forth". Sally has a dead end job, an inadequate child-man husband, a deliberately underachieving daughter, and a horrific extended family on both sides. And it's a humor strip, too! Tons of potential snark. For your consideration?

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Well, I liked Maggie's proposed plot a LOT better than what they served up today. I knew the actual strips would be duller ...

Scott P. said...


Six Months later:

Tommy: Glad to see you've recovered Margo
Margo: Yes, hey here's a letter from LuAnn describing her appointment as Ambassador to Cuba!

Three Years later:

Margo: Greg, how are you doing?
Greg: Tired of playing James Bond for the sixth time. Happy to come back to the twins!

Twenty Years later:
Tommy: Good morning, Mrs. President
Luann: Good morning. How would you like to be the next appointee to the Supreme Court?

Ten Thousand Years Later
Lampy: Hahaha! My victory is complete! Humanity is destroyed!
Evan: Not so fast! I invented a time machine to get revenge on you!
Lampy: Shouldn't you have gone _back_ in time to stop me?
Evan: Crap!
Lily: Bleat.


Maggie said...

That's it! Scott P. cracked it. We can all go home. Good night folks!

Kathy Johnson said...

I have read this series for so many years I can remember when the art work was great. Was the lack of a good artist the reason it closed