Friday, November 6, 2015

That Man

Greg, I'd hardly say you and Margo are on "darling" terms. Last time you met she publicly harangued you. Also, not to criticize your approach here, but she's getting away. Try to steer her away from the door and back to the uhhhhhh hypothetical hospital bed? Also, maybe now's a good time to tell a doctor Margo's not in a coma anymore.


Anonymous said...

What are you going to do with this blog on 11/23/15?

Maggie said...

Anonymous: are you alluding to the vague resemblance between that date and Fibonacci's sequence? Or do you have some inside information as to when the strip will officially end?

Downpuppy said...

Comics Kingdom confirmed that 11/22 is the last strip in Tuesday's comment section.

fauxprof said...

Poor 11/22. It will be infamous for both JFK and now A3G. Only a few of us will note or remember the latter, however.

Anonymous said...

I think most will remember 11/22/2015 fondly, as this awful strip deserves to be canceled right now.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

I will mourn the loss of A3G. But until then, ... let's bring on the SNARK!
No James Bond boy for Margo; she wants the beautiful man with the white hair. I hope she means Eric, and not Martin, because ... EWWWW!

Here's hoping that someone else will take over A3G and reboot it. I love reading it and snarking about it, and this blog is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

DWET said...

Also, here's a wish, since there are only about two weeks left of A3G, if the rumor is correct--- Please, please, pretty please, with a cherry on top---can you please bring back that dreamy blond bomber Evan Graham? That would make me happy!

Allen said...

"That beautiful beautiful man, you know, the one who looks exactly like my father!"

I can't believe A3G is ending. Will you ladies continue to blog?

mrvy said...
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mrvy said...

Typos fixed this time:

Maybe the recollections of milestones should start now. I'll begin:

Favorite plotline: Prof. Aristotle Dates Margo's Unbalanced Adoptive Mother, and Lives to Tell the Tale
Favorite main character: The Margo
Least realistic plotline: Nina's Daughter's Potentially Dangerous Birth Turns Out Swell, Despite Tommie's Lack of Experience
Most frightening character: The Margo, again
Favorite minor character: TASER LADY! aka Mrs. Bloom
Biggest disappointment: Queen Bee
Most surprisingly satifsfying character: The Linski clan
Most amazing animal: Prissy the Wonder Cat (NOT Lily)
Most annoying character: Kitty and Kat (tie)
Best potential leading man: Greg
Most memorable dialogue: Too fancy for Hoboken, too hot for church

Let's all share our memories!