Wednesday, November 18, 2015

See Our Wedding

You... peeked? At what? Can one "peek" at a wedding the day before it happens? Oh god. Is the wedding going to be downstairs? Have they been living on the second floor of their house (their... Manhattan house? forget it, Martin probably lives in Wilton, Connecticut) this whole time while Thelma (THE WAITRESS FROM THE DINER, by the way) runs around the living room, blowing up balloons and hanging up streamers? Gosh, I hope she didn't drop the crystal punch bowl. And by "crystal punch bowl" I mean "bowl of pears."

We have three more strips left! I think that's enough time for 1. a wedding 2. an appearance by all three roommates, maybe not wearing collared shirts and 3. some implied conclusion to the Margo love triangle with whoever she brought as a date. I am not giving up hope yet!


Anonymous said...

Give up hope.

fauxprof said...

Perhaps the 11/22 strip will be a solid block of text, wrapping up all the characters' futures. We all know poor Frank isn't up to the artwork that would be required. Is Ms. Shulock enough of a writer to bring it off?

Anonymous said...


Barking Monkey said...

And when Martin peeked there was Lampy, who, with the fruit bowl and books began to sing:

Be our Guest! Be our Guest!
Put our service to the test
Wear your finest turtleneck, cherie
And we’ll provide the rest
Plot du jour
May be poor
(of that you can be sure)
And the artwork? It’s atrocious
Quite enough to indispose us
Still we’ll sing, and we’ll dance
Yes your wedding we’ll enhance
And the BLOGGING here is never second best;
With Thelma there’s no menu
Just a bowl that she threw
In a mess
Be our Guest! Be our Guest!

Ruby with/Net on Hair
Has been “Scrubbin” for your affair
The serviettes have been addressed
With squiggle art and been placed there
All the ladies ‘r gettin pretty
With the help of Kat and Kitty
There’s no reason or explaining
While the strip is down-the-draining
We tell jokes! We do snark
In the comments hear me BARK
And it’s less than in good taste
That you can bet
Come on now lets get wed
While Margo’s out of bed
She’ll do her best
Be our Guest! Be our Guest!

(Maybe my last A3G filk, *sniff*) Original here:

Obtuse said...

Beautiful Barking Monkey! Forgive me if this has been said, but does anybody get the feeling everybody knows 3-G is ending except Shulock and Bolle?

Maggie said...

I'll miss the songs. That was a good one, Barking Monkey.

Allen said...

BRAVO Barking Monkey!! Fantastic!

@Obtuse: Exactly my thoughts. Maybe they won't tell them, for their sakes. Then they will churn out content for another year (it'll still be the wedding plotline) until someone takes pity on them and lets them in on it.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

"Here comes Margo!" Finally! It's been a while. I hope that we'll get to see all three roommates before this strip ends forever.

I will really miss A3G! So wacky, so wonderful, so snark-worthy! And I LOVE this blog and all the commenting! Please, Maggie, Megan, and Casey, don't give up the blog! Pick another wacky soap-opera strip to snark on! (Rex Morgan, MD would be my choice ...)


Eev said...

I will miss y'all so bad :(

Even Tommie.