Friday, September 28, 2012

Neck Rub!

Wow. These have been like the two sexiest back-to-back strips in the history of Apartment 3-G. I was initially disappointed that I didn't get a Lu Ann bathtub strip to comment on, but I struck gold with a Margo neck rub strip instead.

I think we all know where this is going. Neck rub -> back rub -> stealth move to 2nd base -> "Whoops, sorry about that..." -> slap across the face -> passionate make out -> old lady walking in on them and getting all scandalized -> Margo insisting they "never speak of this again" -> Evan going home and being all mopey and eating ice cream out of the carton while his aunt scowls in the background

Actually I don't think that'll happen, Evan's not the type for passionate make outs. He's more like... Tommie's type. I mean, who else would be like, "Hey Margo, I had a great day, is it okay for me to talk about it?" Tommie, that's who.


D.B. Echo said...

Glad she pointed out that was Evan, or I might have thought Conan O'Brien was making a special guest appearance in Panel 1.

Ken said...

As Admiral Ackbar once said, "It's a trap!"

I feel for Evan. He only has his horrible Aunt Cathy who doesn't want to listen to him drone on about his miserable existence. Sometimes he just wants to talk to somebody other than his cats.

He knows Margo is just being nice to him because of work, but that's ok with Evan.

What kind of ice cream? Double fudge brownie?