Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rule of Three

The Professor is back, the Professor is back!! I guess after the whole "Bobbie Incident," he decided to cool his heels off-panel for a couple... years. Anyway. Kudos for him for getting back in the mix and immediately acting like an embarrassing old grandpa. "You're talking to a man, so you must be dating him. Correct? Margo, you're making direct eye contact with Greg! That's an overture for witchcraft! Avert ye eyes, woman."

According to the A3G Rule of Three, only three characters can occupy a strip at the same time. Lu Ann awkwardly crawled out the window and is waiting on the fire escape, hoping Greg will just go away. No one has heard about South Dakota yet!

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Ken said...

Why don't you call me in a week or so? We can continue our conversation about nothing. I can't seem to run a business without interruption. You won't share your big thing with me. A week should be plenty of time for me to scour the interweb for no mention of your big thing. Success, here I come!