Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pushes All My Buttons

Welp, this is shaping up like a typical Margo romance. In fact, I kind of recall Margo using the "button-pushing" metaphor with her old flame, Eric Mills. Remember Eric? He was buried alive in an avalanche in Tibet. Now THAT'S when things were happening!

The "ridiculously good looks" comment though... I mean, come on Margo. He looks like everyone else. Maybe if he had a mustache, or an earring, or funny eyebrows, or ANYTHING that vaguely distinguished him from everyone else, I could agree, but even his unruly bangs were tamed within days of appearing on-panel. I mean, jeez, at least Trey had a scarf.


Ken said...

I assume pushing buttons is a good thing? When I push buttons at work, things go wrong. When my niece pushes buttons on my phone, she dials France or finds those pictures that I should have deleted.

Is this some sort of sexual innuendo? That's why I don't get it. She should be more explicit with something like "When I'm around him I have increased blood flow to my naughty bits."

Margo is thought bubbling in the street. Is Lu Ann showing Greg around the city bumpkin style?

CM said...

Of course he looks like everybody else. That's why we need to be constantly reminded about his ridiculously good looks.