Friday, September 21, 2012

The Next Bond Girl

My God!! Could Skyler be the next Jane Seymour?? That would be her greatest adventure yet! No, but seriously, Aunt Cathy is great. I can only hope that tomorrow she busts out the ol' "You are the weakest link, goodbye!" She totally seems like she could, right? I mean, I know that reference is like ten years old now, but I feel like it's primed for a comeback.


Ken said...

Surprisingly the Bond Girl reference is current. I just read an article announcing the next Bond Girls for Skyfall.

I'm sure it wasn't deliberate.

Mark said...

I feel like this is going to devolve into some lame ageism PSA, where Aunt Cathy is really the brains behind the operation but she assumed Margo would never hire her so she sent in her patsy, I mean Evan, to get the job. A3G has become FAR too boring to sustain a revenge plot. I mean, come on writers, there is someting seriously wrong when we are BEGGING to see Tommie and LuAnn.

Ken said...

Sunday's recap seems to tell a slightly different story than I was getting during the week. Is Margeret trying to make us read on Sunday?