Monday, December 13, 2010


Panels from Sunday, December 12, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's official everyone: Lu Ann is over Alan! WHOOOOOOOO! I'd like to buy everyone a steak dinner, but that'd be unfair for our vegetarian readers, so instead I'll just say: Mission Accomplished.

While I enjoy the massive neuroses and feeble awkwardness that Margo and Tommie respoectively bring to their relationships, I think I enjoy Lu Ann's romances the best. Lu Ann is always so cheerful and optimistic about her budding relationships, and yet they're characterized by a dark undercurrent, because we all know that she's doomed to live with her roommates in Apartment 3-G for All Time. Margo and Tommie are usually capable of ruining their own relationships, but Lu Ann's end spectacularly, with guns or drugs or ghosts or whatever. So I'm excited!

How differently these two parallel kisses ended, huh? Sunday artist apparently missed the memo that Paul is steeped in self-doubt and insecurity, especially when his totally embarrassing dad is around. Jeez Dad, can't I humiliate myself without your supervision??


Gerard said...

He's being plenty bold, too, considering that she has a boyfriend. That would be...Tommy!
But you're right, the relations of all three women are doomed, because otherwise the series would have to be renamed...Apartment 2-G? So much for my thinking I have a chance with Margo, the only one who doesn't have dishwater coursing through her veins.

Maggie said...

Gerard, you go out with Margo at your own peril. I believe Hall & Oates said it best: Watch out boy, she'll chew you up. She's a maneater, oh!

Sugar Packet said...

Red alert, Lu Ann! You probably don't want to date anyone who says "Aw jeez, I'm such an idiot!" after he kisses you.

Gerard said...

Maggie, I know Margo is a man-eater, but she's got spunk.
Oh, wait. Isn't spunk the past tense of spank? That can't have happened much to Margo when she was small. Just sayin'.

kitchenbeard said...

In regards to Tuesday's strip:

Maggie said...

"Hoboken?? OOOOOOOOH, I'm DYYYYYYYYIN again!"

I neglected to comment on Lu Ann's bobble of delight/surprise/anxiety at the mention of Hoboken, mostly because I was totally stymied. Hoboken? ...Hoboken? I guess it's better than bringing her to Newark.