Friday, September 11, 2015

I Don't See Anything Familiar!

Thursday September 10, 2015

Friday September 11, 2015
Okay, so just so we're all on the same page, Margo has suffered some stress-related psychotic break with reality, and we're along for the ride, which is why the backgrounds vary wildly from day to day and clothing color has no consistency and Margo's new boss was probably just a figment of her imagination all along.


fauxprof said...

Maggie, thanks for tring to make sense of what we're seeing from day to day. I'm guessing that even if we're told that Eric has taken Margo to the psychiatric ward at Tommie's hospital, everyone will still be wearing color-shifting turtlenecks, and the background will be Happiness Falls exterior.

Downpuppy said...

If the background has any connection to the plot, Eric has taken her to his house.
Of course it doesn't, but it makes for a better story in my head.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

So, Margo doesn't remember who Eric is, so he's basically a stranger. And Margo is just going to go "home" with some random stranger off the street in Manhattan?!?!?

Are we ever going to see "Margo's new boss" come back with the roll with butter? Or did she just run away with all of Margo's money? I thought that the "I'm your new boss" comment meant that she had plans to manipulate Margo. That would have been interesting. Thus, I don't think we'll see the "boss" again. Sigh!

Allen said...

@fauxproof, taking her to a hospital would be the safest most logical thing to do, so naturally that probably won't happen! My guess? They're going back to his place where he's going to perform some kind of... monk... thing...? Or just make her look at old pictures or something.

Side note: Has anyone ever seen Frank Bolle's webpage? It's also strange and confusing - half the links are broken, and the things that should be links are not (for example, a tab that says "about me" with no link attached and no way to get to that page). It mirrors the broken state of A3G these days. Sad.

Steve said...

Has anyone else suggested Margo's psychotic break could be as a result of her mother's psychic friend poisoning her? In this strip, the fact there's been absolutely no clues pointing towards that even being a possibility is all the proof I need to know I'm right!

Toots McGee said...

@Allen re:Frank Bolle's webpage, back around Feb/March 2008, Frank Bolle filled in as artist for Gil Thorp bridging the gap between retiring Frank McLaughlin and current artist Rodd Whigham. As is usually the case, there isn't a lot of press other public statements about this kind of stuff. Looking for my own answers about what was going on at the time, I went to the Frank Bolle artist website and noted that it seemed a bit broken or untended even then.

I even dropped an email to the address listed on the page and asked if Frank was permanently drawing Gil Thorp or what the arrangement was. I got no reply.

In case you missed it, you can still check out Frank's work doing Gil Thorp by perusing the Feb and March 2008 archives of This Week in Milford.
The artwork was very solid, even if it was jarringly different from what the strip was both before and after.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Poor Margo has no energy. Yet, somehow, somewhere along the line, she had the energy to change from the white turtleneck and blue blazer ensemble (when she met her new "boss") to this matchy-matchy sea green turtleneck/blazer combo. Also, thank goodness we're finally back in the apartment and not just out on the street, backgrounds in today's strip notwithstanding.

Lovely ladies, why aren't you posting? There's so much to mock!

fauxprof said...


Lu Anne has put Margo to bed apparently in the gutter or a doorway, since everyone is still out in the street. Do you ever get the eerie feeling that no one is paying attention except us and the comics curmudgeon?

Maxwell Bacon said...

@fauxprof: Totally! I think that A3G now seems to be located beside the dumpster in the alley.