Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Not a session with a psychiatrist and not head lice, but a fall down the stairs precipitated this conversation. Well. I think there's nothing left to do but start up the pool.
  1. How long until Tommie and Rick fall in love?
  2. How long until Rick dies from a terrible, debilitating congenital brain tumor, a la Bette Davis in Dark Victory?
There's no other reason you have someone fall down the stairs right off the bat. I say May 25th for their first kiss, and Rick dies January 12th, 2012. Sorry about your doomed romance, Tommie! Should make for some good songs, though.


Gerard said...

I'm not going to second-guess you on those dates, Maggie, because they sound fine to me. However I note that there is now a guy for each of the 3-G ladies. Must they all die?

Megan said...

Hmm, that seems about right, but I don't know how A3G is going to balance all these storylines and keep to your schedule. Margo is dating a guy with dark hair, Lu Ann is with a blonde, and now Tommie is going to throw a wrench into it by dating another blonde?

Maggie said...

It would be too crazy/convenient if Tommie started dating a redhead! Listen, as long as this Rick guy never goes anywhere without a necktie, I'm fine. That will distinguish him from the uncontrollably blue-collar Paul Linski.