Monday, April 11, 2011

Ripped Where?!

Look how joyless that kiss is, even with the Light of Smooches radiating off of them. That's how Barbie and Ken dolls look when you shove their faces together, hoping against hope you can make their marriage work (for Skipper's sake!), but it never really works out, does it? Both of them are working late hours (Ken as a model, Barbie as a teacher/doctor/rock star/mermaid whose hair changes color in warm and cold water), and before you know it, a fight breaks out! Ken slaps Barbie in the face, but then Barbie kicks her perfectly straight leg right in Ken's groin! Barbie runs out the door and hops in the convertible, but it's dark out and she's crying and SHE'S HEADING STRAIGHT FOR DEAD MAN'S CURVE!! And... THERE'S A RACCOON IN THE ROAD!! Barbie swerves to miss it, and TUMBLES OFF THE CLIFF!!! AHHHHHH!!! Later Ken finds her in the hospital and brings flowers, but Barbie has amnesia and doesn't remember him and she starts going out with Doctor Rudolfo, but it turns out that Rudolfo is evil and planted the raccoon in the road in the first place.

So.... at least Margo and Trey don't have Skipper to worry about.


Elaine said...

All I could really focus on is that she's kissing Trey while wearing her disgusting, germ-laden toilet-cleaning gloves! Margo, really!!

Sugar Packet said...

I couldn't figure out why this looked wrong. The cleaning gloves are disgusting, and they don't really look like they're having a good time, but I think what disturbs me is that Margo looks so apologetic afterwards. Reminds me of my high school days...

Also, I did NOT play with Barbies as such, but I played out similar scenarios with My Little Ponies. Ponies slapping each other, now that was fun!