Friday, April 1, 2011

The Greatest Music Producer in the Known Universe

Apartment 3-G, April 1, 2011Tommie may be laying it on a little thick for a guy who isn't even in Wikipedia, but I guess Hobo Tramp Dan "The Man" Diller is in the League of Music Producers who Can't Make the Time to Shave (LMPCMTS, pronounced "lumpcamts"), along with his friend Rick Rubin, famous record producer and fellow scraggly beard haver.

But really, a world-famous producer? Let's see how he compares to his colleagues.

Left to right: Jeff Lynne, Quincy Jones, Dr. Dre, Dan DillerLooking good, Dan. Looking good.


Elaine said...

You could add ZZ Top - Dan Diller seems to be channeling them...

Maggie said...

ZZ Top, good one! A little more relevant now than Gandalf. Although he does kind of look like he's summoning Magic Missle.