Monday, November 24, 2014

Too Busy

Man, if I were writing a strip to stall for time, these are basically the strips I would write.

Lu Ann: How's your mom's wedding going?
Margo: AWFUL! And off panel.
Lu Ann: Wasn't she going through some kind of identity crisis?
Margo: The last time I saw her was February of last year, so I'm sure she's fine. By the way, family members should never get involved in weddings!
Lu Ann: Oh!
Margo: I saw a family member punch another family member at a wedding once. That proves it.
Lu Ann: Okay.
Margo: How about lunch?
Lu Ann: Lunch? What's that?
Margo: It's this thing you put in your mouth and chew.
Lu Ann: Okay!
Margo: Should we go to a restaurant?
Lu Ann: Sure! Do you know any?
Margo: I know one! It's on Third!
On the stairs...Margo: My dad knows lots of restaurants.
Outside...Lu Ann: Wow! It feels good to see blue people walking around again.
Margo: WAIT--did you see what I saw??
Lu Ann: What?
Margo: Nevermind, it's nothing.
Lu Ann: Are you sure?
Margo: Yup, pretty much.
Lu Ann: Okay, now, which way is the restaurant?
Margo: Do you have Google Maps? Or a sense of direction?
Lu Ann: Would those be on my flip phone?
Margo: WAIT, Lu Ann--is that a penny on the sidewalk??

I mean this could go on forever. Just wait until we witness another snoozefest luncheon. At least we're outside... Maybe somebody will walk into the path of a bus! A gal can dream.

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