Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What Is It About

It's about Margo being gun-shy about weddings after losing Greg, her one chance at true love.  Or that it's ostentatious for a second/later in life wedding to be lavish.  Or it's just about Margo not really wanting to plan the wedding because Gabriella is a bridezilla.  Or it could just be that we need a Margo storyline and this is the best that Shulock and Bolle can really do at this point. 


TimP said...

I agree with that last point. The Lovely Ladies of A3-G have all recently (for certain definitions of that word) been just about to tie the know so we need to recycle some of the bit players into the matrimonial whirlwind for a few months to stick with the strips theme that the only truly important thing to do with one's life is to be getting hitched.

Barking Monkey said...

WRT the mouseover text; considering Margo has an identical chair in her office I think it represents Margo's willingness to buy home furnishings on the office account to claim the tax deduction. It would partially explain why she has living room chairs, dressers, table lamps, etc. throughout her office.

That or she just steals shit from work up to the value and bulkiness of wingback chairs. I can just see Margo standing on the curb for an hour cursing the cabs "why don't they #!@&# stop!" as she stands beside her chair on it's moving dolly. Then fuming at the turnstile entrance to the subway, unable to get her chair through.