Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mixed Emotions

I'm not sure how I feel. Is it nostalgia, regret, melancholy, grief? Sorrow that the man I used to love is gone forever? Guilt that I must put him behind me? Or is it lust?


Gerard said...

Well it's lust, of course it is Maggie. We know, because, in what I think is a departure from usual 3-G practice, we are being given regular access to Margo's innermost thoughts.
I'm still cheering for an unplanned pregnancy in the story arc, a 3-G first.

Casey said...

Margo just doesn't know what feelings and emotions are. "I'm feeling... kind of hungry"

Chuck said...

He's smooooooth. He's about to get her to write him a check almost as fast as he got her to make out.