Friday, February 18, 2011

Uncharted Waters

Gee, Trey, I know driving your date to an unfamiliar, remote location is the latest thing and all, but you're not the only ones in the car. How can you expect Margo to get that queasy feeling of love/panic if Aunt Iris is right there, be it half-conscious? She's going to want more diner food any second now, if she hasn't melted away completely.


mrvy said...

First Murder Shack, now Murder Forest. The men are testing the waters, but THEY'LL BE BACK! Both roommates gone, Aunt Iris gone, and Tommie will be a lonely cat lady, stuck with Prissy the Wonder Cat.

Gerard said...

We shouldn't be too concerned about the presence of Aunt Iris. As a licensed matchmaker, she's just here to check on her work and make sure it all goes smoothly (all the while silently texting another client from the rear seat).
I know you're all looking at the possible murder angle, but is that the only possible tangent for the story arc? I mean, how long has it been since there was an unplanned pregnancy at apartment 3-G?