Wednesday, February 2, 2011

That'll Slow Him Down

Good thinking. Lu Ann, next time you sulk around the gallery trying to dream up some new inspiration for a painting (hint: think tulips!), bring your boyfriend in to distract you. People at the gallery actually doing work (Doris, maybe Jack) won't mind that you're hanging out with your BF instead of creating your lasting masterpieces. And when Paul finds out you work for a living, hoo boy, that'll cool his jets, allright! A second income? No. No way. He does not want help paying for that mortgage he just picked up. Nooooo thanks.


Megan said...

It's almost as if Margo is phoning in her advice to Lu Ann because her advice seems geared to Lu Ann saying that Paul thinks she's a vapid, blonde waste of space. How is making yourself a more interesting person going to drive him away? If a guy I had been dating for four dates, dates with no known physical contact, showed me an abandoned property, I would assume he was a serial rapist/murderer, not that he was in love with me. Call me a cynic...

Bethany F. Brengan said...

No, no, no. This advice is perfect.

Paul's probably got a whole Hitchcock fantasy going on--you know, "blonds are sexy and mysterious" and "romance blooms around condemned buildings."

But after he sees Luann's work, he'll realize, there are no hidden, mysterious depths.

Anyway, seeing Luann's paintings should reveal how she'd decorate that house Paul is so fond of. That would slow any man down.