Wednesday, February 2, 2011


And now for a new segment I like to call

What This Conversation
Would Sound Like
if I Had It with My Friends's a working title.

For sure it will, Margo. For sure.


Miss Emish said...

I love this soooo hard

Megan said...

LOL Mags are you Lu Ann or Margo and which friend are you talking to?

Maggie said...

I actually imagined it as a conversation between Casey and me, because I feel like Casey would get herself into a weird situation like Murder Shack house hunting with a guy and then call us up all freaked out.

Casey said...

YESSSS that is exactly what I thought when I read this. "Oh man I could totally be Lu Ann, and that's totally how Maggie would react." It's totally something that would happen to me.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty great.