Monday, May 23, 2011

Bells and Whistles

Nothing quite says "I don't get new technology" than calling it "bells and whistles." I hope this is going to be a week long exploration of cool new technomological gadgets like mp3s, touch screens, and the click wheel.


Gerard said...

Bells and whistles? And dials. Lots of dials. Aunt Iris is more modern, though. She knows the word "technology."

Doug said...

I think she's actually recording a song where she's literally backed by nothing but bells and whistles. I'm sure in the hands of a hobo tramp like Dan Diller, the track will sizzle.

Sugar Packet said...

I think Aunt Iris is trying to determine if Tommie is a witch. Do you know how to use the all that demon technology? Do you float in water? Miss Prissy sneezed the other day. DID YOU MAKE HER SICK??