Friday, May 20, 2011


"Also, do you mind if I hand-dip you in resin and preserve you for all time in the TV room?"

Actually, Paul's mom seems normal(ish), which of course is deeply disappointing. Would it kill you to lash out at Paul or have a million cats or something? Maybe cook up a canary for dinner? Something!


D.B. Echo said...

Don't do it, Lu Ann! Paul's mother is trying to steal your soul with her Magic Picture Box!

MillyQPublic said...

I dunno how "normal" this is... Paul's mom specifically asked for them to come over still dressed up and now she's taking pics of them together while Luann holds the bouquet. Does this smell a little like she's going to show those photos to people later and tell them Paul and Luann are married?

If so, why?
1) Paul is gay. Unlikely in the universe of Apartment 3-G but wouldn't it be kind of hilarious for dumb lil Luann to be an unwitting beard?
2) Paul needs a green card, despite already being an american citizen or at least enough of one to buy property on US soil. You never know in 3-G!
3) Paul's mom, despite her disappointingly normal appearance and apparent lack of cats, is totally shitballs insane and lives in a fantasy world equal parts Roosevelt administration and Bible belt, where when your grown son is dating a single-in-the-city blonde, your only recourse is to save his soul from the evils of fornication by forcing them to marry or failing that at least assuage your own conscience by staging a fake wedding photo to show to Jesus later. I can't see her camera, but i bet there's film in it.