Monday, December 1, 2014

At the Towers...

I'm not even going to review the week of strips I missed while I was off being thankful and cooking this bad boy:

I'm not reviewing in part because it will dishearten me so to find that nothing happened and plus it's probably just more interesting to fill in the blanks myself. So let's see, after four missed strips, what's going down:

What happened to single ladies lunch with Lu Ann?? Let me guess.

Margo and Martin are meeting at his room at the exquisitely luxurious Towers Hotel Co. He arranged for a room here after Gabriella kicked him out of his own home for defying her wedding plans. When Martin observed that "releasing doves after the ceremony seems a little much, but releasing bald eagles is completely out of the question," Gabriella flew into a newly WASP-y rage: gin, icy silence, and changing the locks. Now, exiled by a fiance who won't even pick up his calls when her phone tootles, he's summoned his daughter to console him as he stares at the Towers' elegantly austere walls and wonders, "What's wrong with Gabriella?" Margo nods sympathetically, all the while her brain working feverishly to devise an escape.

Meanwhile, walking home after being ditched by Margo, Lu Ann twists her ankle while crossing the street. She falls to the pavement, immobile! Oh no! Luckily, she's immediately scooped up and out of traffic by a "hunky" fireman. Arms wrapped around his neck, she finds herself lost in his flat cyan eyes (just like hers!) and silky yellow hair (just like hers!). Before she can even ask his name, he puts her down on the sidewalk and melts back into the crowd. The only thing she knows about him is that he works at Manhattan Fire Department Co., New York's premiere fire fighters. Will she immediately reneg on her vow not to date to follow her heart?

MEANWHILE AGAIN! Tommie eats a bowl of cereal and reflects on her failed singing career. Her time with Lily inspired her to nurse again, but it also reminded her of her longing to sing in an Appalachian country band. She even wrote a concept album based on the plight of a orphaned fawn, "Bleating for Life." But she's too scared to show anyone her lyrics! What will become of her?

Anyway. Just a guess that's what I missed. Could be wrong.


NonnyMus said...

You're wrong simply because your scenarios are far more interesting than anything Mags Shulock could come up with!

As for The Towers being not good enough for Margo's dad: Huh??

Elaine said...

Wow! That's EXACTLY what happened!

Maggie said...

I just looked at all the old strips. Too bad we missed them, lots of instant scenery and wardrobe changes to cringe at.

And silly me, I didn't realize Lu Ann was "having dinner" at "The Towers" with Margo and Martin! Maybe because she's not in the room, and there is no dinner, and that looks like every other interior.

Megan said...

OK, glad to know we were actually taking the weekend off. I logged on on Saturday, saw no posts and just quietly x-ed out.

TimP said...

That's a nice looking bird!