Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Where Do I Start

Tuesday December 30, 2014

Wednesday December 31, 2014
I know you guys think this DOESN'T look like the Tribecca Grill, but come on! Look at that waiter! You're telling me that's not a four-star maître d'? You're telling me that's, what, some kind of used car salesman? Get outta town. Now, are we gonna talk or not?


NonnyMus said...

That's not a four-star maître d' and that's not a top drawer publicist, neither!

Y'know, I've been pretty hard on Margaret "Mags" Shulock, but she is working with a total moron for an artist. Maybe that's why she tried to move the strip to rural New York State. Who could have predicted that Frank couldn't draw animals, either?

Happy New Year to the Lovely Ladies who Blog and everyone out there who loves the laughs this f'ed up strip provides!

Barking Monkey said...

I'm pretty sure the Wednesday strip is taking place in a bus station. A bus station that's got some sort of 'brown suit flash mob' thing going on.

TimP said...

"Where do I start?"

Please, for the love of all that's succint, please, please, please start towards the end.