Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stretch My Legs

Wh—LU ANN! What are you doing here?? Oh yeah, you were "invited" and I guess just sneaking around off-panel. Never mind, you're already so bored that you're excusing yourself from the room, so that when no one draws you it'll be normal again. Welp, really glad you stopped by so that we could stretch this conversation for another strip. Okay, byyye!

Now, back to the converesation! I'm excited by all this talking for once. I think what's going to happen is that Gabriella is being possessed by a "espíritu maligno," like the one she knew was possessing Lu Ann that one time! And the spirit is making her act all crazy and order people around and I guess forcing Martin out of the apartment. And to try to suppress it, Gabriella is denying her cultural heritage and hiding her accent and, I don't know, probably not wearing those hoop earrings anymore. IT ALL MAKES SENSE! Oh boy. I can't wait. This is gold, Jerry... GOLD!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You mean a malignant spirit like the one behind Lu Ann in Panel 2??